President & Co-Founder
Bridge International Academies


Bridge International Academies [map]
Tulip House, Mombasa Road
PO Box 78105 - 00507
Nairobi, Kenya


Bridge International Academies is a for-profit business whose mission is to revolutionize access to affordable high-quality primary education for poor families across Africa. Founded in 2007 by Jay Kimmelman, Phil Frei and Shannon May, the company opened the first academy in its franchise-like network of ultra low costs private primary schools in 2009. Its academies profitably deliver high-quality education for less about $5 per child per month, enabling local academy managers to operate their academy profitably, while creating a highly successful business at the central level. Bridge International Academies is a privately funded company whose lead investors are Learn Capital, Omidyar Network, NEA, and Khosla.

From January 2009 to April 2013, Bridge Internationa Academies has grown from 1 to 134 academies, from 10 to about 2000 employees, and from 150 to over 45,000 students. We are launching about 1 academy every 3 days. For the most current information please visit our website at

The company is agressively hiring in all department -- everything from from instruction to operations to software development. Our current job openings are published online where applications are accepted electronically. All positions currently are based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Education - BSc MIT Mechanical Engineering & MSc MIT Media Lab
Previous work - Licensed toy to LEGO, Practice Lead at IDEO, CEO/Founder at OCTATA, Advisor & Program Lead at GTZ Malawi
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